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The Process

How we approach projects

When approaching a project, we at Sergeant Built LLC follow a standard operating procedure to ensure quality and satisfaction in the final product. My approach is inspired by the procedure that we used in the Marine Corps – BAMCIS.

Our process begins with the Planning phase, where we meet you and discuss what you are looking for. We then move on to the Design phase, in which we collaborate with you to create detailed design specs for the project.

Once you have approved the design, we provide a Project Quote and build contract. At that point we are ready to begin we Source Materials, Perform Shop Work, and Install. At the end of the build we follow up and Review the project to ensure that you are satisfied.


Initially we listen and let you set the tone – you know what you want, and we are here to make that a reality. Some people describe what they are looking for in an organic and informal way, and some people prefer and direct and precise approach to their design.

We realize that custom work is usually a serious investment of time, financial resources and emotional commitment. We are here to listen closely and formulate a general theme of what you are after. At first we don’t discuss price or make suggestions beyond what is requested.

At some point in the planning process we will arrange to meet and go deeper into your project, measuring the space, discussing details and materials, and going over example photos to ensure we know exactly what you want.

Design and Drafting

We can either use supplied blueprints or utilize our draftsman to create professional CAD models of the design. Our professional CAD designer has extensive experience with woodworking and cabinetry project design – design work is billed hourly to cover costs.

Once all the dimensions are set in place we go over materials in detail. We can build with solid wood or veneer options (a thin layer of the requested wood placed over the exterior). We will also discuss the type and quality of fasteners, hinges, and latches.

We also discuss finish options and provide finish samples to determine the type, durability and color you want. We work with a professional finish shop that has an extensive amount of high-end work under their belt, their quality is top notch and we are incredibly grateful to work with them.

Project Bid

At this point we have what we need to calculate a quote for your project. We tally up material cost, labor, finish cost, and install. Then we add our shop overhead and sales tax, providing a comprehensive project bid.

Our quote is not set in stone, we can update for requested material changes and design changes – even after signing. Sometimes the bid is outside our client’s budget and we discuss changes we can make to reduce the cost (material type, scope, and labor reduction). We can generally get to a point were everyone is happy.

Sourcing Materials

One of my passions as a woodworker is in sourcing fine native materials. I have spent an extensive amount of time sourcing, milling and drying my own redwood slabs. In the future I am working toward having my own milling and drying operation to source the very best native woods directly from logging operations.

Shop Work

A good deal of the work for most projects is done in our West Seattle wood shop. We rent out multiple spaces in a communal woodworking shop and have access to an extensive collection of high-end woodworking equipment, in addition to our own tools and equipment. 

We build out your project in a partially assembled state and send components to our finish shop prior to install. We do a final check to ensure that everything is complete and will all fit together neatly.


The final build step happens in your home / space. We take gather up all the components and spend 1-2 days installing them on days that work for you. Oftentimes there will be some fitting work that must be done on install, and some finish work that will only come out nicely if it is done after install is complete.

We do our best to respect your privacy and your space as we perform this work. As you can imagine it is disruptive to have someone working in your personal space, and we do our upmost to make this step as easy as possible on you.


Outstanding! Your project is complete!

It’s our job to make sure you are happy, so we will look it over with you and fix anything that needs fixing. We like to take pictures during the build process, and we hand those over to you when reviewing.

If you are ecstatic about the work (and we hope you are), we can sponsor your project on our website. We take professional photos of the install and write up a short post about your project – perfect for showing off to your friends.