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@muskratstew asked me a question while resawing some ribbon grain sapele veneer for a parquetry table top project we recently worked on.

“Why do we resaw so much?”

Well, the short answer is control and continuity!

Now days, wooden objects use wood throughout a project in such a random way. While maybe a project is made in a single species, the pieces used are often assembled from pieces cut out of different planks, and planks from different trees. There are variations in color and grain graphics. The randomness can be made inconspicuous through the application of stains and paint treatments. When this is the case, we can relax a bit and just focus on accurate joinery and proportion.

But our shop doesn’t use stain over wood, unless we are requested to do so by a designer or architect. We let the “wood do the talking” and highlight it’s features as harmoniously as possible under a clear finish.

We do this through wood selection– often choosing sequential planks from the same tree whenever possible. We also transform a single slab into an entire cabinet; procurement of frame and panel stock, solid tops and/or sides– all from the same slab. We choose flat, rift sawn, and quarter sawn sections for specific parts. And the end result is very noticeable.

This process allows us to bring a piece together that has matching panels, and frame stock that “flows.” This process is also ideal for clients who strive for symmetry, balance, and continuity. And with a natural clear finish, leaving the craftsmanship and material vulnerable to inspection, a feeling of quality is evident and indisputable. It begs to be looked at with close eyes into it’s details. It begs to be touched and appreciated; an experience far beyond a typical interaction with a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, for example.

We are Craftsman. We are Artisans. We care. Not only about the work itself, but about its end user. They validate our skills, and in turn we pour our heart out to them through the care we put into our work. We don’t always get the opportunity to provide this type of work described above. But when we do, we do with all of our heart.