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Sergeant Built


Our job is always to maximize value to who we serve. It’s hard to deliver true value when you restrict the flow of ideas and aesthetics to a narrow range of a products offerings because of standardization. So we place significant importance of unlimited options, and accepting worthy challenges to push our boundaries as craftsman. Because what we do is an art, and the level of care and attention in the details requires time and passion to see it through, our time does not come cheap.

Price points are not what I’m referring to when I explain “value.” True value is taking a vision shared by the client, interpret it, and then execute it, within their budget parameters in a reasonable time frame. It’s giving them what they want, even when that isn’t exactly clear to them in the beginning. Together, we get there. We reside between subordinating our own ego to ensure we are delivering on the needs and wants of our clients, while promoting the pride and skills we have earned and developed over the years, to ensure a clearly distinct difference of our product and service.

Quality and Artistry is Chief. We do not refer to ourselves as “Master” Craftsman, or “Master” anything. We are very good at our job as craftsman, and it is clear in our executed workmanship. I’m not even 40 years old at the time of this writing. Who am I to be calling myself master of anything? I’m no Master, but I am still a seasoned professional. I know people that I view as masters, who have taught me, who have been working at this craft longer than I have even been alive, who would still never call themselves master. Those are the characters I strive to emulate.

We ride this upward spiral and tuck away tool after tool, like fruit off a vine, knowing that the very best fruit of all, is not low hanging, but difficultly hidden deep high and within. The best (and only way) to get to that fruit is through injecting yourself into the arena, and shed the blood and tears; make and learn from the big mistakes; I have known failure well! It is such a great teacher, and why I am so willing to embrace the difficult future, because I know how difficult my past has been. And I know that it is worth it.